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The COWC Passport Trail
Drink wine, have fun, win prizes!

The COWC Passport Trail is a great way to enjoy the best the Central Ohio Wine Country has to offer. There are 17 COWC wineries participating on the Passport Trail. At any of the wineries you can pickup your passport and get your first winery stamp. Collect stamps at each participating winery that you visit.  When you finish half the wineries you will receive a prize. Finish all the wineries on the trail you will get another prize, your name on the 2023-2024 wall of fame (at the bottom of this page), and be entered in the Grand Prize drawing in June of 2024! The trail runs through May 2024, so get started today!!

Download a copy of the 2023-2024 Passport here.

2023-2024 COWC Passport Trail
Wall of Fame!

Congratulations to everyone that finished the trail!
** = Grand Prize Winner

H. Groden
D. Groden
L. Bush
D. Sutton

2022-2023 COWC Passport Trail Wall of Fame!
** = Grand Prize Winner

S. Fry
J Celestino
A Celestino
M Sparks
M Sparks
A Klink**
B Arnett
M Royal

B Haight**
J Baez
C Goble
P Goble**
S Toth
C Toth
A Early
D Goonight

J Pauternack**
C Bragg
D McQuaide
T Roberts**
D Roberts
I Williams
M Keener
T Nichols**

M Trainer**
J Trainer
J Stauch
C Stauch
A Diller
D Diller


2021-2022 COWC Passport Trail Wall of Fame!
** = Grand Prize winner

D. Werner
J. Mowery**
E. Schmidt**
J. Weslow
E. Deese
S. Weisgarber
C. Mowery

B. Obert**
L. Worstell
S. Worstell
M. Luckeydoo
K. Luckeydoo
J. Harold**
C. Dennewitz

P. Brodman
H. Brodman
E. Sendelbach
M. Sendelbach
T. Roberts**
D. Roberts**

T&S Chambers**


D. Etienne
K. Etienne
S. Toth
C. Toth
G. Ryann**
D. McQuaide
C. Bragg

S. Clark**
A. Clark
H. Tuvell
J. Tuvell
J. Stauch**

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